About Town Government

Framingham was incorporated as a town on June 25, 1700. Chapter 143 of the Acts of 1949 established the Town of Framingham Representative Town Government by Limited Town Meetings.

At nearly 69,000 inhabitants, Framingham is the largest town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Executive & Legislative Branches
The Board of Selectmen and the town manager form the executive branch of the town, with the town meeting serving as the legislative branch.

The town is divided into 18 Precincts. There are 12 town meeting members representing each precinct. The members serve for 3 year terms, 4 being elected by the voters each year.

Town Meetings
Town meetings are held annually in April and May and during the year whenever a Special town Meeting is called. There are 7 Standing Committees of the town Meeting:
  • Community Services
  • Education
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Ways and Means
  • Rules
Standing Committees
Each standing committee consists of 18 members, 1 person from each precinct elected annually by the town meeting members from each precinct.

Standing committees report to town meeting on those activities and upon the merits of Warrant Articles relating to those activities.

Town Meeting Handbook
The Town Meeting Member Handbook provides a summary of and introduction to the procedures of a working town meeting.