The Phase One Economic Development Plan (Phase One) initiative, is a result of the 2012/2014 Master Land Use Plan and supported by Town Meeting in 2016. The intent of Phase One is to collect data and information, to understand a strategic economic plan for Framingham, provide direction for future land uses, while providing guidance for future economic development.

Phase One is a partnering effort with the Traffic Master Plan currently under development by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

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Learn More About Phase One

To learn more about Phase One, to find important documentation, or review reports please click on the Economic Development Plan logo to the left.

Phase One Economic Development Plan Survey

The Phase One Economic Development Plan seeks to obtain information about the City of Framingham to assess Framingham's competitive position, create a vision for the city's economic development, identify development opportunities, and set Framingham's priorities. Phase One also seeks citizen input, to better understand community priorities and preferences relating to Framingham's future economic development. Your input is important to Framingham's future! Please share your thoughts on Framingham's future through the brief Phase One Community Survey. Also, encourage your family, friends, employees, business owners, and other members of the Framingham community to take this survey. We will use all responses to inform Phase One. Survey results will be available online, shared as part of the Phase One report process.

Phase One Economic Development Plan Survey

Who can take this survey?

Residents, business owners, landowners of Framingham; people who work and/or play in Framingham; anyone who travels through Framingham or shops within Framingham; anyone who identifies as a member of the Framingham community — we want to hear from you.

How long will the survey be open?

The survey will be available from Monday, May 7, 2018 to Friday, June 1, 2018.

What if I cannot fill the survey out online?

There are paper copies of the survey available in the Main Library (49 Lexington Street), McAuliffe Library (746 Water Street), the Callahan Center (535 Union Avenue), and the Memorial Building (150 Concord Street, in the Main Lobby).

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you to help Framingham develop its economic development vision.

Arthur Robert; Director of Community & Economic Development 
Amanda Loomis; AICP, Planning Board Administrator

Click on this link for a printable survey cover letter. 

Who is Working on Phase One?

Phase One is a collaborative effort and partnership between the Mayor, Municipal Departments, the Planning Board, local and regional stakeholders, RKG Associates, and the community. 

  • Municipal Staff Working Group: the Mayor, Division of Community & Economic Development, Planning Board, Chief of Administration and Finance, Public Information Officer. 
  • RKG Associates, Inc. (RKG), a company with extensive experience and expertise with respect to municipal strategic planning, market research, and land use practices.
  • Boards and Committees of Interest: City Council, EDIC, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Phase One Working Group: Large and Small Businesses, Commercial Brokers, Land Owners, Citizens At-Large, Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Stakeholders: Framingham Community, Large and Small Businesses, Commercial Brokers, Land Owners, etc.

Contact Us

Through July, there will be several public meetings, opportunities for community data gathering, open houses, and other events to allow the public to stay informed and involved in Phase One. Although, Phase One is data and information intensive, Framingham still wants to keep the public involved in happenings in community. 

Please feel free to contact the Planning Board office via phone (508) 532- 5450, via email, or by stopping by the Planning Board Office with any points, questions, comments, statements, or concerns that may arise. 

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