Invasive Species

Invasive plant species are those that grow in a non-native area and can be destructive to the vegetation around it. These plants are one of the greatest threats to the nature of Massachusetts because they out-compete, displace, or kill native species.

Learn more about Invasive Plants on the State's website.

Giant Hogweed

The invasive plant species known as 'Giant Hogweed' can cause painful blisters and skin irritation.

The species can easily be confused with other, similar looking plants, so please avoid contact if you are unsure. The best, and most helpful thing to do is to take a picture and submit it to the Mass NRC (link below) so they can determine if it is, in fact, Giant Hogweed.

Visit the Mass NRC website listed below to learn more about the species' habitat, identifying features, and where to report if you think you've encountered it.

Mass NRC website.