Selectmen Policies, Rules, & Regulations

It is recognized that in order to operate effectively as a unit, the board will be well served by a system of policies to direct its decisions and actions. A policy may be initiated by a member of the board, the town manager, a town employee, or by a citizen of the town by requesting that the chair provide for discussion of the proposed policy in the agenda of a regular meeting of the board. The individual initiating the discussion shall provide the board with a written draft of the proposed policy for distribution to the selectmen. The board may schedule any hearing or meetings it deems necessary for discussion. The board may distribute a draft for comment to appropriate officials as it deems necessary, and shall notify of the discussion any town boards, committees, or employees who may be affected by the policy.


Unless otherwise voted by the board, the board shall not vote on a policy at the same meeting at which it is 1st introduced. A vote by 3 of the board’s 5 members shall be required for the adoption of a new or amended board policy. A new or revised policy adopted by the board shall take effect 7 calendar days after adoption, and shall be carried out until it is rescinded or amended.

Town Manager's Responsibilities

The town manager shall be responsible for the maintenance of all policies and procedures, for updating the Policy Manual with new and amended policies, and for ensuring that copies of the board’s policies and procedures are distributed to newly elected board members. Copies of the Policy Manual shall be made available to the public at the Selectmen’s Office and the Office of the town clerk.

Policies & Procedures

Section 1. Procedural 

Section 2. Financial 

Section 3. Regulatory 

Section 4. Operational 

Rules and Regulations