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Bowditch Track is open for the season!!!!

Please CLICK HERE for a list of scheduled events that may require the track to be closed for use.  

The Parks & Recreation has NEW PROGRAM REGISTRATION SOFTWARE!!!  Please check it out and create an account here:

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The purpose of the department is to create recreation opportunities, preserve open space, manage public athletic fields and parks, and administer recreation programs and facilities for the varied population of Framingham.

Parks & Recreation Resources
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Parks & Recreation Commission
Policies for all recreation programming and facilities are determined by the Framingham Parks and Recreation Commission, which consists of a 5-member board appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

Current Board Members are:
  • Joan Rastani, Chair (2018)
  • Joe Kaufman (2018)
  • Kathleen F. Hauck (2016)
  • Philip Reitz, (2017)
  • David Gudejko (2017)

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